About Us

ALIY Property Advisors is an organization that facilitates the purchase of properties for our members. This is in line with our Corporate Vision and Mission to be the premier website for Investment Opportunities in Properties. At ALIY Property Advisors, our clients will receive the best advice as to the right property to purchase for investment purposes. We base our advice on the vast experience of our dedicated team of experts. We prioritize our advice based on the properties that our clients seek to purchase. Not only that, we also assist our clients to facilitate all aspects of the property purchase from bidding for a property at an auction, liaising with the legal firm and the bank for completion of the documentation, overseeing the repair of the property (if required) and also to assist in liaising with the appointed Real Estate Agency for the sale or rental of the Residents property.

With ALIY Property Advisors, you are guaranteed with a team possessing wide experience in conducting public auction of immoveable properties including residential, commercial and industrial. You satisfaction is our priority.


Mr Mohd Ali

CEO, License Auctioneer & Property Advisor

Mr Mohd Ali Abdul Majis serves as a Licensed Auctioneer since 2005 in Land Offices, Courts, Financial Institutions as well as in private sectors relating to foreclosures/auction and private sales. He is licensed to practice in the States of Negeri Sembilan, Selangor Darul Ehsan and Wilayah Persekutuan.

Mr Mohd Ali Bin Abdul Majis started learning his trades in property industry at the tender age of twenty. He has over fifteen years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the said industry to this date.

However, due to his passion in the property business, it did not take him long to use his knowledge, expertise, and experience and to turn all those skills into financial gains. This led him to earn his first million at the age of only twenty five.

Up to this year he has sold well over one thousands property units and has auctioned over 40,000 properties.

With all those knowledges he has also conducted various seminars, talks and coaching session to help people learn how to benefits through property and auctioning.

He has also been featured various times in local news and magazine publications.