What We Do

ALIY Property Advisors(ALIY Auction House) emphasizes on public auction matters, thus the company is confident in providing the services required by our clients. The standard services include:


Preparing of Proclamation of Sale in Bahasa Malaysia and English


Distribution of 250 copies of the Proclamation of Sale in the neighborhoodof the auction property.

Title Search

Conducting an official Title search at the relevant Land Offices to ascertain the status of the Land Title, any outstanding quit rent and assessment relating to the auction property.

Assisting Solicitors

Assisting the Solicitors or the Financial Institutions on extractions of the Court Orders for auction purposes and to follow up with the Treasury Department relating to the auction proceeds.

Posting sale

Posting of the Proclamation of Sale at the relevant premises required under the law such as on the Notice Boards of the High Courts and Land Offices as well as against the particular auction property.


Placing advertisements in at least one issue of the Star newspaper or more upon client’s request.

Photo & Affidavit

Photographs of the auction property, preparing the Affidavit of Service as well as preparing the site inspection report of the auction property (client’s request & upon comment of the Auction Result.)